Yes, Treeshekker! And if you wondered just why Drone Valley Cider is known by this name, you should have been with us at Pearsons Nursery in Dronfield Woodhouse, collecting apples. We thought we were simply going to collect windfalls, but the generous owner gave us the crop of quite a few trees.

So what do you do? You give the trees a violent and lasting good shekking!

seen here Ace Shekker Scott, with Pete watching on. * Do stand clear, as an apple shekked from a tree, when landing on your head, stings a bit!

and when we get back to base: there is washing, chopping, scratting, pudging, testing… then disposing. Read on…

been washed

been chopped

been scratted

been pudged

been squashed!

been tasted (by me:) and it tastes unbelievably gorgeous

the juice (delightful taste) in a BIG bin

and the pulped, almost dry, scratted, podged, squashed apple repains go into a local farmer’s van to be fed to his pigs.

Nest episode: how to make a bacon sarni! (JOKING!)