£100 Flood Relief Donation


Help get Drone Valley Brewery back brewing again, after suffering damage and stock loss in November flooding.



As you may be aware, the Drone Valley Brewery compound was badly flooded in early November. This has had a devastating effect and all normal operations have been suspended. We have lost all of our stock of malts, our bottle-conditioned beers, a significant amount of our cold-filtered bottled beers, many casks and also kegs. In addition equipment and the building has been soiled, and in may cases damaged beyond repair. First estimates are that we’ve lost over £20,000 of stock. We need deep cleaning and repair work before we can re-start bottling and brewing.

Help restore your brewery:

At the moment we are still handling the immediate impacts and understanding what work needs to be done. We will have to rebuild parts of the brewery. Your donations will help us with this and get us back brewing quicker, so please donate what you can. To donate more than £100, please increase the quantity by clicking the + symbol above – e.g., for £200, please select quantity to 2.


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