We have a wide range of beers for different styles and strengths. All of our beers are traditionally brewed using malts, a wide range of hops, brewers yeasts, and fresh Peak District water. There’s no rice or other grains added to bulk out our beers, these are hand-crafted real ales. As well as a core range of beers – bitter, pale, and dark – we brew seasonal specials, good-causes beers, and one-off brewer’s choice beers.

We bottle our beers using traditional bottle-conditioning, where secondary fermentation happens in the bottle. Our bottled beers are not freeze-filtered or pasteurised, what is in the bottle is the living real ale that comes straight from our casks. They should be kept in a cool dark place, and poured carefully to trap any remaining sediment in the shoulder of the bottle.

Some of our bitters...

Dronny Bottom Bitter: Our traditional bitter and best seller. Malty taste with caramel hints and not over-bitter. A classic steady session ale with Boadicea hops [3.7%]

Ecky Hopped Best Bitter: A classic best bitter, at 4.5% ABV, uniquely brewed using locally grown Fuggle hops from Eckington, Derbyshire. [4.5%]

Some of our pales...

Gosforth Gold: A classic pale ale brewed with Progress and Jester hops, with an inviting note of grapefruit in the early taste, followed by an intense, punchy aroma of new world proportions carrying the characteristic flavour notes of citrus and tropical fruits. [4.0%]

Derbyshire Blonde: A true blonde beer, nicely balanced between the hop and malt flavours, a good aroma in a light ale [4.0%]

Fanshawe Blonde: A golden pale ale, a sturdy 4.8% with well-balanced hop varieties, gives citrus notes and a wholesome mouth feel, combining Cardinal, Mittlefruh and Cascade hops. [4.5%]

Amarillo: Single hopped golden pale ale using this classic American hop. Refreshing citrus notes and wholesome mouthfeel [4.8%]

Some of our dark beers...

Coal Aston Porter: A musical blend of seven different malts go into making this tasty darker beer; a complete porter that has to be experienced. Truly a Malt-teaser. [4.5%]

Stubley Stout: A smooth easy-drinking robust creamy stout. Five different malts are blended to give a rich taste and chocolate finish. [5.2%]

Imperial Russian Stout: Long-matured with deep flavours, this is a full-on smooth strong dark ale. Incredible mouthfeel, with hints of chocolate & black caramel [7.5%]

Some of our milds...

Pippa Mild: A balanced dark mild using Progress hops, brewed by women volunteers for International Women’s Day. An ale with the darker colour of a bitter but lighter hopping to let the malts zing through [4.3%]

Candleriggs: A stunning strong dark mild. Brewed to an adapted Scottish Edwardian recipe. Full, robust, and mildly hopped. A classic of its genre. [5.8%]

Some of our specials...

We have an ever-changing selection of beers, available in draught, take-ways packs, and in bottles. 

For trade customers check on our weekly trade availability and price list. 

For retail customers, check what the Beer Shop here has for sale, and call in at the Tap to see the latest brews on tap, directly from the brewery.

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