Drone Valley Brewery – Member update

Hello all!

Another busy period with the following highlights:

          Began bottling last week with the local WI and doing our own from Saturday 29th October. The list includes Cherry Porter, Enigma, a Barley Wine, and an Imperial Russian Stout (7.4%) and more…..Ideal Christmas presents!

          The cider is happily fermenting in one of the outside units and we will be doing the second batch on Saturday 5th November – If you have any apples-bring them down (or we can collect)

          Paid Membership numbers have now officially topped 250-Welcome to Rachel, Michael, Robert and Ian!

          We closed the current Withdrawable share offer on 21st October and those who ticked the HMRC SEIS box will receive notification in due course.

          Membership (and ownership of the brewery) is still open and just £10 for life….

          We have been trying to keep up with brewing demands as well as doing some ‘Specials’. The market has been calling for more browns and darks than we could keep up with, but we now have good supplies.

          The following have our ‘Specials’ on the bar now: Three Tuns – Green Man IPA (also Miner’s Hundall shortly), Ale House Chesterfield – Cherry Porter, Coach & Horses – Imperial Russian Stout. These are rare and made available only to our better customers. Try them before they go!

          New outlets for our beers include the Twenty Ten in Matlock (and hopefully others), the Anglers Rest at Bamford (a fellow Community Society) and two of the four pumps at the new Blue Stoops will be DVB on opening night (7th or 8th November).

          If there’s a pub near you that is free of tie (ask for the person who orders their beer) and they are interested, send me a name and contact details and I will follow it up.

          We are also keen to re-vitalise our web-site for you non Facebookers… 

Think that’s about it, but as ever I’ll have forgotten something….Oh yes! We have bought a van that will be logo’d up this week-Look out for it and give a wave! 



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