A trip to our malt supplier…

Our brewing licence from HMRC will be arriving any day now, so our malt supplier Thomas Fawcett & Sons invited us to their impressive premises in Castleford. The business started in 1809 in Castleford and it is family run. Customers range from micro breweries like ours, through to the well known outfits like Black Sheep, Bass and Morland – even Heineken! They supply the international market too, delivering to places as distant as South Africa and New Zealand!

Steeping the barley

We were hosted by owner James Fawcett, a passionate maltster and lovely chap. He took us around the whole site from the Victorian malt floors still in use to this day, then to the 1950’s Saladin equipment, and finally the state of the art automated germinating kilning vessel. They have a separate plant for the more specialised crystal/dark roasted malts. Part of the original building dates to 1795!

c Hi-viz man with rake

We would like to thank James and his team for their hospitality. We will be inviting the Fawcett’s team to our official launch (date TBC), so that our members can meet them too.

v The lab 24 varieties

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