You are invited to our public meeting – Tuesday 30th June, 8.30pm

Dear Members and Interested Folk,

Those of you who have paid your £10 contribution: thank you! This has been used in helping us to become legally incorporated as a Community Benefit Society.  It also means you will become a shareholding member in Drone Valley Brewery Limited. 

We now need to become more organised on a democratic and accountable footing. You are therefore invited to the following:-

DVB Members’ Meeting, Tuesday 30th June, 8.30pm at the Three Tuns, Cemetery Rd, Dronfield

There will be a presentation on the night covering the following:

1. What have we been doing? (the story so far)

2. Where do we want to get to? (vision and aspirations)

3. How do we plan to get there? (the business case)

4. How might you help? ( Brewing Volunteer, Management Committee, Financial Investment)


We appreciate that some members might want to commit to nothing more than enjoying the beer. But as a shareholding member, you will have a say in how DVB will be run and managed so please come to the meeting and have your say.

Finally, we now have around 80 members and need more. So please tell friends and family about the meeting – they can join on the day if they are interested.

If you haven’t paid your £10 yet to become a shareholding member, you can do so on the night.

Thank you – we hope to see lots of you there.

Drone Valley Brewery Steering Group

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