Support from the Plunkett & Esmee Fairbairn Foundations

Plunkett Foundation Esmee Fairbairn

As of April 2015, we are now being supported by the Plunkett Foundation who have provided a very helpful Community Advisor to get us started. With the help of the Plunkett Foundation, we are putting together our business plan and our financial projections are being finalised.

A ‘study visit’ to a similar brewery in Cumbria is also on the cards this summer. This has been made possible by the kind support of the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation who are helping to fund it.

After these exercises and when the Community Benefit Society is established, we will get back to members seeking expressions of interest in investing with us.

We’re sure you will appreciate the learning curve that we are all experiencing while setting up the brewery. We appreciate your support while this is sorted out.

Make sure you check our website for more news regularly as we’ll be reporting our progress all the time.

Watch this space!

Bill Best

On behalf of the Steering Group

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