Drone Valley Brewery is situated on the banks of the mighty river Drone that roars from South Yorkshire into North Derbyshire. Our beers can be found in untied Free Houses in the Dronfield area (S18), and across Chesterfield, Sheffield and Matlock. We are unique as a brewery. We are the only independent Community Brewery in the UK. The brewery was built by local people. All our beers are brewed by volunteers to award winning recipes. We are run by a Membership who own the brewery. Our profits are passed to good causes in the local area. Membership is just £10 and can attract discounts on our beers. We are a community asset offering a number of volunteering opportunities. Join us  To become a member, click here.

There is a full range of Pales, Browns and Darks of various ABVs to suit all tastes which are available in cask, bottle or mini cask. Pins can be obtained on request.

See our core range of beers, click here

Click here to find out which outlets see our beer on regular basis

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